• Safir Olivin 2 CP

    Small, smart and spacious. With Olivin 2 we have reached our goal of creating the strongest, most spacious and ingenious tent in the small peak tent category. Olivin 2 is available in three different designs – an ordinary Nordic tipi without an inner tent made of cotton/polyester or lightweight material and a combi model consisting of outer and inner tent made of lightweight material.



    Olivin cotton polyester lightweight combi

    Like our other Tentipi® tent models, Olivin has an elaborate and clever construction. Several smart features have been taken from our larger Nordic tipis. Olivin 2 is more durable than a two-man tent where priority has been given to low weight. The lightweight model at only 1.9 kilograms makes it the perfect hiking tent. The heavier cotton/polyester model is loved by bushcrafters because of the possibility of having a fire inside the tent and the earthy look of the fabric.

    2019Olivin cp mosquito open

    Our In-Tent Vent™ ventilation system together with the tent’s tall shape provide natural ventilation on hot days. The lower part of the walls can be rolled up and fastened for optimal ventilation (one option for cp, five for light). The shape of the tent makes it very storm-resistant.

    Olivin 2 made of cotton/polyester fabric can be used with a small stove inside the tent and a special ventilator cap with a chimney opening is included. In Olivin 2 of lightweight fabric in an emergency, a small open fire can be lit inside the tent. Olivin 2 Combi – a fire cannot be used in this tent.

    Key Features:

    • Room to sleep two people plus dog; four people can sit and socialise
    • All storage inside the tent
    • Simple adjustment of the ventilator cap, even from the sleeping bag, thanks to our In-Tent Vent™ ventilation system
    • Storm cords with reflecting threads woven into the cords; pre-tied and fitted with holders that prevent cords from tangling
    • Built-in and raisable snowflap, making the tent suitable for use in any season
    • Better run-off of condensation on the tent walls compared with other types of tents thanks to the incline of the walls; drops that may fall off are captured by our impregnated inner tent (included in Combi but can also be purchased separately)
    • No bows that can break; easy replacement or repair of central pole with material from nature
    • Straps instead of cords for stretching the tent
    • Microstove chimney outlet through opened ventilator cap (applies to Olivin light without inner tent); special ventilator cap with a chimney opening included with Olivin cp
    • Well-ventilated inner tent (applies to Combi) that is pitched together with the outer tent; can also be used separately, for example when insect protection is the main priority
    • Large, mosquito-netted ventilation openings in the inner tent for better natural ventilation
    • Robust floor material (applies to Combi) that stops ground damp; an inner tent with integrated floor or a separate floor is available as an optional extra
    Olivin model 2 cp
    2 Combi light
    2 light
    Outer tent Yes Yes Yes
    (Inner tent) Yes
    Weight (kg) 6.0 3.4 1.9
    (of which the inner tent) 1.5
    Diameter (m) 3.3 3.3 3.3
    Diameter of inner tent (m) 2.8
    Height (m) 1.7 1.7 1.7
    Pack width (cm) 24 19 15
    Pack length (cm) 50 41 41
    Number of people, sleeping 2 2 2
    Number of people, sitting down 4 4 4
    Article number 30105 30100 30101

    COMFORT.gif Olivin cp Olivin light

    Breathable – Cotpolmex C Zirkon-cp-fabric-popup.png

    Strong and well-ventilating cotton/polyester fabric which gives an indoor climate far superior to that of a tent made of any kind of coated fabric. The fabric has a natural feel and its beige-brown colour creates a warm, pleasant atmosphere in the Nordic tipi. Very durable and with good water-repellent properties. The colour of the fabric can quickly fade in the sun, but the material retains its good properties and is many times more resistant to sunlight than lightweight materials (regardless of make). Mildew protection.

    Approximately 275 g/m2.

    Non-breathable – Traillix C Zirkon-light-fabric-popup.png

    A carefully chosen and very good standard fabric. Rusty red, light, ripstop-reinforced polyamide fabric, UV-protected and double-sided silicone-coated.

    Approximately 85 g/m2.



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