Our range of Canoes offer excellent value for money, durability and performance.

Beaver Canoes has been in the business for over three decades. Our expertise and commitment to building top quality canoes is only matched by our love of taking our products out onto the water and enjoying them.

We don't just build our canoes, we paddle them too.

When you buy a Beaver Canoe, you can be guaranteed to speak to knowledgeable representatives who will be eager to help find the right Beaver canoe for your particular paddling needs. We are a relatively small company so when you deal with Beaver you'll be dealing with the people who will sell, build and ship your canoe. Every employee has experience of all three.

Beaver Canoe has been developed in cooperation with the canoe enthusiasts in Norway and tested in dozens of boating! Existing and potential customers can experience the diversity of Beaver canoe by testing Beaver boats on ride in the beautiful Latvian environment.

Beaver - stable, secure and simple canoe for boating with the family!

We have specially selected this range and can offer them to you direct from the factory at a realistic price.