• Safir 9 CP

    2650.00 €
  • Safir Olivin 2 CP

    780.00 €
  • Safir Olivin 2 CP

    780.00 €
  • Tentipi Hekla 7

    70.00 €
  • 145.00 €


Adventure – tipis for camping and adventure

Tents for both family camping and extreme expeditions. The shape makes them very resistant to weather and wind. The design provides standing height and possibility of stove or open fire for heating and cooking. Modern materials and plenty of smart features make them your home in your backpack.

We offer one pole tipi in cotton at very competitive prices. In addition, we are one of the few in the country that provides traditional lavoos and simultaneously build these for the customer.

We have among other things a good deal of such solutions to schools, after-school.