• Blanket from MOUNTAINHILL

    MOUNTAINHILL's steelgrey blanket is a military blanket ideal for outdoor use. The size is 150 x 225 cm. The robust material of the blanket consists of 80 % wool and 20 % polyester. Recycled raw materials have been used to manufacture the blanket.
    Product information "Woollen blanket, steelgrey – 150 x 225"

    The evening falls, the wolves howl, an archaic cold seeps into your tent? No despair - the MOUNTAINHILL woollen blanket keeps you warm!

    Make yourself comfortable in your tent

    Another long, exciting day at LARP is coming to an end. You have fought, acted, formed alliances, eaten and drunk properly, screamed, laughed and danced, felt the wilderness in you and around you - but now the evening throws a cloth on the land and you are tired. Time for you and your fellow players to retreat into your historical tents and recover, so that you can get back into the role-playing game the next morning with body and soul. It is also important to equip the tent in a harmonious way to ensure the integrity of the medieval atmosphere. In MOUNTAINHILL's woollen blanket knights, magicians and the like prove their authenticity even in sleep!

    Robust, warm and sustainable

    With this blanket the night can come. Our brand MOUNTAINHILL stands for knightly quality, for pure strength and bravery - and therefore it is your perfect companion in wild times. The blanket is big enough to wrap even more corpulent knights warm. The durable material not only keeps out the cold, but also stands for sustainability, because we use only recycled materials in addition to 80% wool. The woollen blanket should not be missing from the medieval role-playing game!

    All facts about the wool blanket steelgrey

    Ceiling from MOUNTAINHILL for outdoor use
    warm, durable, robust and hard-wearing
    Colour: steelgrey
    material: 80 % wool, 20 % polyester
    Size: 150 x 225 cm