We made Campingstove

We made the original Beaver Camping Stove for tents and cabins.

Any camping is better with a good oven for both heating and cooking. Standard pipe height is 3.5 meters, and includes an insulation. The legs are jointed and forms a good carry in handle during transport.


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Beaver Deck

Beaver has enough space for the whole family with all equipment.  Boat has a pear-shaped form, so it quickly stabilizes after the heeling. Two air pockets, on the front and on the back of the boat, ensure that the canoe turns back on itself after capsizing and floats on its free board when it is full of water. Pockets have the flow, therefore the condensation is cleared out when you turn it upside down on a shore.  Long, elegant boat keel with two main lines ensures a good course stability. Beaver canoe is lightweight therefore it is easy to transport and to carry.


Canoe is sandwich - strengthened hull, providing long-term resistance at high load
Stringers - one on each side
Two crossbeams care for strength of hull and suit for fastening of luggage
Comfortable seats of nylon fabric over a wooden
_____frame are placed in such a way as to be able to row both sitting and kneeling on a knee.



Beaver. We stand for innovation, service and best quality!

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Beaver Deck...


Beaver. We stand for innovation, service and best quality! Contact Beaver Canoe Center
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